THROUGH MY EYES | Peter Mueller

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Product information "THROUGH MY EYES | Peter Mueller"

    Only 50 Pcs
    264 pages
    Table-Book  26 x 35cm
    4 colors

"As a good friend of Peter Müller, I would actually have to call myself biased when it comes to writing a foreword. Especially since the work presented here easily stands up to even the most objective and prominent expert scrutiny.

But overallit is my pleasure and honor to formulate these lines and express my admiration for this collection of works by one of the most interesting lateral entrants in his field.

"Through My Eyes" by Peter Müller is sensitive testimony to an irrepressible wealth of ideas and an almost thieving curiosity to portray and capture the human counterpart in its deepest essence as the artist's mind's eye had sketched it long before.

As a business and management consultant for many years, Peter's path as a photographer did not at first seem to be a foregone conclusion, but a closer look reveals remarkable parallels between the two activities, which have also led in other cases to great perceptible success in areas other than the core field.

I speak from experience. Often enough I was able to observe how close impulse and implementation were in the case of success, even if talent can make a fine difference. But it is not uncommon for even the greatest talent to fail when it comes to implementation

Peter Müller's photographs show both: his deep love of aesthetics, perfection and emotion and his talent for photographic staging, in which he spares no effort. His motto: I can only capturewhat is already in my head and I can see with my own eyes; a claim for which he is regularly prepared to overcome major logistical hurdles and go the proverbial "extra mile," as they say in the USA.

But the discipline of classical portraiture also suits Peter, as "Through My Eyes" impressively demonstrates. His curiosity is infectious;one flips through his collection with relish, crosswise and spontaneously, discovering new details each time. Quite a few photos unfold the rare power to make the viewer pause and wonder what might have just been going on in the head of the person portrayed, a frozen moment full of movement and energy at the same time. And for me personally, the greatest quality of photography in times of a flood of moving images

I am already looking forward to the second volume of the now full-time photographer Peter Müller, which he is sure to have already half completed. Enjoy "Through My Eyes" -to the fullest.

Till Brönner"

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